The Lash Lounge Non Compete Agreement

Remember that if you are a stand tenant or an independent contractor, you are an entrepreneur yourself. You`re independent. A non-compete clause limits competition and deprives you of your independence, so it is generally not an appropriate document for your classification. You are not the owner`s employee. You should talk to a lawyer about the non-compete clause. Most will advise you to ask the judge to decide whether it is legally binding or not. It seems to me that is not the case. It is unreasonable and seems deliberately designed to keep you working in the city ever. I don`t see it standing up, to be honest.

A non-compete clause is not, in my opinion, the best way to protect customers in your living room. I have witnessed on several occasions the repressing of these agreements, regardless of the reasonableness and specificity of these agreements. Data protection and non-solicitation agreements are much more specific, do not limit the employee`s ability to earn a living after the separation of your company and protect you from what is really important (the customer files of the show). Write an agreement that you would have no problem signing if you were the employee. THE LASH LOUNGE at Park Village in West Bloomfield is looking for a dynamic and experienced Front Desk Associate show. We are a high-end lash salon chain. We are proud of a welcoming… Generally speaking, a non-compete clause must be: 1. must be reasonable, 2.) must be extremely detailed, 3.) may apply only to employees, stand tenants or independent contractors (if you do not pay their taxes on work – they are independent) It is highly unlikely that a non-competition clause will ever be applied against you. Like, EXTREMELY very unlikely.

IC`s only non-competitors are those who have access to highly sensitive business information or trade secrets and are therefore able to harm the company in violation. Technology industries successfully use competition bans with their independent contractors, but they are the only sector for which these conditions are appropriate. Honestly, I don`t even know where to start. I`ll just warn you now, it`s a very long review, but if you want a good idea of what it`s like to work in an amazing Lash Studio, it`s worth reading I pinky promise. I was able to list many reasons why I was disappointed with my position as an eyelash stylist that I wanted to work for 2 years or more when I started. The first alarm should have been when I interviewed for the job. There were comments on how they couldn`t imagine making eyelashes, because it would be so detailed and tedious. They knew nothing about eyelashes or the beauty industry. I`ve already had a classical eyelash training, but I was still attracted to offering paid training to learn noise, and since I didn`t know many people in the area, I would let a clientele come to me.

I participated before the opening and I spent a year there. The classic re-team technique, which was taught in training, was initially difficult to obtain, as the way they teach it makes eyelashes very sensitive to lumps if you are not careful. If I had never done eyelashes, I would never have resumed their technique, because they don`t cover the basics of setting up, they just jumped up to teach their eye at once, a bad isolation technique.