Byron Center Master Agreement

Fiscal year 2019-2020 Personnel costs Fiscal year 2019-2020 Departmental expenditure Fiscal year 2018-2019 Staff costs Fiscal year 2018-2019 Departmental expenditure Fiscal year 2017-2018 Staff costs fiscal year 2017-2011 8 District expenses Fiscal year 2016-2017 Staff costs Fiscal year 2016-2017 Departmental expenses Fiscal year 2015-2016 Personnel costs Fiscal year 2015-2016 Departmental expenses The district does not give dollars for Lobbying or lobbying of there service. The Hearing Officer granted the Chamber`s request for evidence of the woman`s sexual history, with the exception of the one in which the complainant participated, but expressed his willingness to reconsider the matter if the complainant could provide particular evidence of the value of such evidence.   If there is specific and apparent evidence of an impairment in a teacher`s ability to defend the charges,4 the teacher may be entitled to a dismissal of the indictment.   However, a sexual predator, especially of young children, should not argue that he or she should evade responsibilities under the Teachers` Board Act simply because time has passed. In this case, we find no case that supports the assertion of a significant loss of a teacher`s ability to defend himself due to the time spent.   While there may be isolated cases where the delay in charging could render a dismissal unfair or inappropriate, fundamental fairness can be achieved without creating a general rule prohibiting the consideration of costs on the basis of events that occurred during the previous school year.  [Id. at 583-584, 348 N.W.2d 277 (added highlighting).] The complainant testified on his own behalf and denied ever kissing, petting or having any kind of sexual relationship with her. .

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