Ufcw Local 400 Collective Bargaining Agreement

After members voted overwhelmingly in favour of a strike last week and conducted intensive negotiations this week, we reached an interim agreement that the bargaining advisory committee unanimously recommends ratifying. This would not have been the case without the unity, solidarity and strength of our members. When Kroger threatened to endanger our health care, we were strong and proved that we were ready to fight for what we deserve. Although no treaty is perfect, our credible threat of strike action has brought us a fair deal and we are ready to recommend it for ratification. According to JONATHAN Williams, director of communications for UFCW Local 400, members voted 701-208 in favor of a three-and-a-half-year deal that guarantees: www.ufcw400.org/…/kroger-bargaining-and-strike-prep…/ „This contract provides for salary increases for each employee, while employees` weekly contributions for health care remain the same until 2021. This is a confirmation of our commitment to providing our employees with a competitive overall performance package. I appreciate our employees for the support of this agreement and for the excellent service they offer to our customers every day. Next week, we will review in detail this preliminary agreement on a tele-town hall, followed by votes in shops across the region. We will announce the details, both for the tele-town hall and for the voting plan, tomorrow Saturday, November 14. Stay there for more. After union workers voted to strike last week over disagreements with Kroger over a future health plan, Kroger Mid-Atlantic and workers reached a tentative agreement. W. We have additional representatives in stores to answer your questions, an online strike center to help you prepare, and have trained more than 100 picket captains over the past two days. We hope kroger will do the right thing in the negotiations and accept a fair deal that respects the hard work and sacrifices we continue to make day in and day out.

But we will be ready if they don`t. We will host a Tele-Town Hall on Tuesday, November 17 at 4:00 p.m.m for members of Kroger`s West Virginia, to verify the preliminary agreement in detail. Voting will take place in stores from November 19 to 20. If you are unable to participate in the tele-town hall, printed copies of the company`s offer will be provided at each polling place. Following a preliminary agreement reached last week between union representatives and Kroger, union members voted to continue their new contract. Register at the tele-town hall and check the voting plan:. www.ufcw400.org/…/solidarity-works-tentative-agreem…/ www.ufcw400.org/…/members-vote-to-ratify-new-kroger…/ Kroger staff members, who participate in the United Food and Commercial Workers Local 400 in West Virginia, voted by an „overwhelming majority“ in favor of a new employment contract. The agreement was unanimously recommended by the Advisory Committee and members voted in favour of the adoption of the treaty by 701-208. Ballots were counted via zoom video conferencing to allow members to attend the count. Negotiations have been difficult and lengthy, especially because the Obama administration`s rules for implementing the Affordable Care Act Taft-Hartley Funds deny any benefit from the new law, while inserting significant new burdens.

As a result, the previous contract, which expired on March 31, 2013, was extended by five months, although many other negotiations in the food industry required extensions of one year or more. . . .